The voting assembly of the Associazione Nazionale Galoppo (ANG) was held on July 11 in Milan, Italy.

The assembly resulted in election, upon direction of the listed associations, of its representatives in the Consiglio Direttivo of ANG, listed below:

A.G.R.I: Nicola Casati
A.N.A.C.: Isabella Bezzera – Massimo Parri
A.N.A.G.: Riccardo Menichetti
F.I.A:: Stefano Luciani
U.I.F.: Luca Maniezzi
S.I.R.E.: Giorgio Guglielmi
U.N.P.C.P.s.: Riccardo Cantoni – Mario Masini

Massimo Parri, president of the ANAC Associazione Nazionale, said, “it is with great satisfaction that ANG’s electoral journey has concluded; this event signifies the creation of a body that finally represents the Italian Thoroughbred Racing World’s unity and cohesion, to take on the challenges that Italian racing faces. We must extend our thanks to Dr. Pio Bruni, who was the first to believe in this project and begin this long journey, successfully concluded today.”


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