Horseback riding lessons

Horseback riding lessons

are fun for two. For both the child and the horse. We teach your child to cooperate with his/her horse. The better the cooperation, the more the fun.

Safety is central to the program. We teach children all kinds of games to ensure that they and their horse feel safe.

They learn a lot about horses and horse-back riding.

The horseback riding lessons take place in small groups of children. So they can build up a friendship.

Per lesson, your child gets assigned one horse the full half hour, so they can work together. Your child may even help with the brushing and saddling, so the child can build a bond with the horse. We also ensure that different caps are present for safety while driving.

    Price for a single lesson of 30 min is: $ 15,- (groups lesson)

Price a month 65,- (weekly horseback riding in a groups lessons)

Private lesson 30 min $ 45,-

Also for adults, it is possible to learn horse-back riding. Please contact us for more info.

For the well being of our horses we do have a weight limit: 200 lbs/ 95 kg.